Dentist South Auckland

Dentist Papatoetoe Guardian DentalIf you need a dedicated and compassionate dentist in South Auckland, you should go to Guardian Dental clinic. We are a team of highly trained dentistry staff working with a genuine concern for the welfare of the residents of South Auckland. We have two main branches of the clinic where you can go anytime you experience dental and oral problems.

Our branch is at the Hunters Corner area at 141 Great South Road, Papatoetoe. You will be greeted by the friendly voice of our receptionist when you phone to make an appointment or personally visit for consultation and treatment. Our phone number is (09)279 4716. The Papatoetoe branch is open from Monday to Friday.

There is also branch situated in Manukau City Shopping Centre on the first floor. Our welcoming staff look forward to greeting you and making you feel comfortable. For appointments and general dental inquiries, you can call this branch on (09)250 4716. This branch services clients daily for regular appointments and emergencies.

Guardian Dental performs general dentistry services including ultra-modern dental cosmetic procedures. Our modern clinic is equipped with the latest dental technology such as the LaserBrite teeth whitening system and electro surgery unit. We are dedicated to providing the best dental and oral care at the price our clientele can afford. Furthermore, we have a system that offers free consultation to make sure that you can make the correct and informed decision about the treatment of your teeth.

With regards to our services, we at Guardian Dental have a wide range of dental procedures that cater to specific needs of you and your family. We also have a system for patients who meet the requirements for government-subsidized dental treatment.

Dentist South AucklandGeneral dentistry procedures include tooth extraction of impacted wisdom teeth to prevent more serious and possible life-threatening problems like cysts and infections; dentures to replace extraced teeth; root canal treatments to avoid toothache and the development of abscess and swelling; tooth extraction and general cleaning; and aesthetic procedures known as cosmetic dentistry.

Guardian Dental also performs teeth whiting using LaserBrite technology which is the most modern technique for whitening of teeth. LaserBrite is safe, painless and convenient. Crowns, veneers and installing bridges in addition to composite resin fillings are also performed by our expert dentists.

Your ideal dentist in South Auckland is at Guardian Dental. We have gained the confidence and trust of patients throughout South Auckland. The dental team and clinic staff include dentists Dr. Vera Zdarsky (chief dentist) and Dr. Roger Ngan, dental assistant Reshmi Kumari, dental nurse Sarla Devi, and practice manager Suman Permal. Each team member holds fast to the company protocol of maintaining the highest standard of service and hygene especially in doing invasive procedures. Our team of highly trained dental practitioners hold this primary objective in mind: to make you, our customers happy, comfortable and contented wearing that confident smile.

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